Ian’s Tutoring Approach

[full_width]Your Maths Tutor is passionate about helping learners build confidence and grow their abilities in maths and science. Ian’s approach is tailored to each individual learner.[/full_width]

My teaching experience

Picture of Ian Wild sat at his desk.

I started life as a research scientist in industrial R&D before moving into communication technologies (Lucent Technologies, Avaya). Finally, I developed access and learning aids for sight impaired, dyslexic and dyscalculic computer users – whilst also working as a part time tutor. Teaching only part-time meant not spending as much time with my students as I would have wanted. This and my background in learning and communication technology seeded my interest in online learning – particularly developing online learning platforms. I have been a full time private maths tutor for over 10 years and previously a part-time Engineering Mathematics lecturer.

I designed and developed the first international online classroom for the British International Schools group, ‘The Global Campus‘ and travelled the world to support teachers and students as they learned together online. I’m author of the popular instructional text books for teachers ‘Moodle Course Conversion‘ and ‘Moodle Math‘, author of ‘Moodle Developer`s Guide‘ for online learning platform developers, as well as being the peer reviewer of several text books and video courses in the teaching and learning arena. As well as working in schools across eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia, I spent over 5 years travelling across the UK training primary and secondary school teachers and FE and HE lecturers on how to provide effective online learning.


My Tutoring Approach

I offer a free initial taster session to allow us to get to know one another and to work through the issues with your studies you feel you might be having. We can then plan out lessons together or simply concentrate on those aspects that you feel most unhappy with. If you don’t understand something the first time around then I will try another way. There is always more than one way to explain a topic – a fact that a lot of teachers and tutors seem, sadly, to neglect. I try to make flexibility the key to my approach. My background in learning technology means I am fully conversant with the latest developments in teaching techniques and working with sight and print impaired learners means you must be crisp and lucid in your explanations.

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