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Are you studying for a Scottish SQA National 4/5/Higher/Advanced Higher maths or physics qualification? Are you in need of maths or physics help but just don’t have the time or cash for extra lessons? When you come across a question which earlier seemed so simple but now makes no sense at all and you have an exam at the end of the week what do you do? Sign up to our maths and science message boards, a.k.a. ‘The Maths and Science Cooperative’. You can post your problem question and get help directly from Yours Maths Tutor, and also discuss it with other forum members. The Maths and Science message boards are a safe, collaborative environment for maths and physics students, overseen directly by Your Maths Tutor with expert help on demand (within reason, see our minimum response times below for more information).

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Minimum response times

So we can give each and every one of our students the support and guidance they deserve understandably we sadly need to put a limit on the amount of time we spend dealing with your maths and physics-related questions. Therefore, within a single twenty-four hour period, Your Maths Tutor aims to respond to at least one maths or physics-related topic per user up to and including Advanced Higher/A Level standard (beyond Advanced Higher/A Level we can’t promise). If you think you need more support than this then please contact us to find out more about our in-person tutoring and online tutoring services.

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