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Simplifying Expressions

To answer the following questions you need to collect together like terms. For example

<math>2x - 3y - x + 4y</math>

can be simplified to give

<math>x + y</math>

Remember that these are expressions and not equations (i.e. they don't contain an equals sign).

Also included in this set of sample questions are questions involving powers, or indices. They are also very common in UK exam papers.

Generally in the UK exams you will be given expressions containing brackets that will need to be expanded and then you will be expected to simplify them (they are usually 2 mark questions). Some of these sorts of questions are also included. Good luck :-).


  1. x2  <math>\times</math>  x5
  2. x7 <math>\div</math> x3
  3. (x4)2
  4. x0
  5. x-1  <math>\times</math>  x4

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