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Welcome to the open content maths textbook that anyone can edit! Share your maths knowledge and interests with the rest of the world. Write and edit articles on any maths-related topics. Remember that website has been created primarily to help students studying the for the UK's Key Stage 3, GCSE, AS and A Level mathematics and physics exams. Is there an article that you would like to see here? Why not write your own?

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Creating a new article

To create a new article type into the address bar of your browser “”, followed a colon, and then by the name of your new article. For example, to create a new article on simultaneous equations, you could type into the address bar…

Assuming an article with the name “sim_eq” doesn't exist, you will be presented with a screen asking if you want to create your new article. Don't forget to add your new article to the list below.

Happy authoring :-) !

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